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Tenshinhan in the 23º world tournament vs Piccolo Daimaoh

As expected despite the fact that in the manga it is clearly stated that Tenshinhan in the 23º World Tournament surpassed the power of Piccolo Daimaoh, the 3 old stooges from MFG make a case to bash Tenshinhan.
I'll give you an hint about them,one is a hick with a rocket in his ass named rocketretard,other uses an username who starts with an X and the last one uses an username who starts with a K(big explosion like ).
Let's the destruction begin!!!!!!

Tenshinhan hater stooge:
Daizenshuu gives to Piccolo Daimaoh a battle power of 260 and in the manga,five years after the 23º world Tournament Tenshinhan is stated to have a battle power of 250.

Answer:OMFG are you fucking retarded?Of course you are! Everyone knows that you are a fucking joke and a mangatard who always says that daizenshuu doesn't count.
I get it when Daizenshuu says something the stooges hate,Daizenshuu sucks,then when we can manipulate an information given by the Daizenshuu,the daizenshuu becomes the bible.Spoken like a true idiot fanboy. Well done!!!!
Piccolo Daimaoh's power level is easily explained by the fact that in the daizenshuu they mix up hand to hand powers with energy blasts ex:
Gohan shows a pl of 2.800 using a masenko,but he never displayed that level while fighting hand to hand,obviously that PL of Piccolo Daimaoh refers to an energy blast full power.

It is stated that Tenshinhan had a BP in the 22º of 180 hand to hand,but if he had used the kikoho his power level would be a lot greater than that.

The daizenshuu also says that Piccolo had a BP of 3500 against Nappa,but he never showed that power hand to hand obviously Daizenshuu was referring to Piccolo's BP while he performs his most powerful energy blast the Makkankosappo/special beam canon.
We also have old piccolo with less than 260 using under half his ki(<130) to stomp 22nd tourney goku (180) into the mud. His Kamehameha even had no effect.
Yeah, Piccolo Daimaoh used less then half his power to beat up Son Goku, it's what's stated in the Manga translation.
We're also told Goku's power increased several times with Karin too.
Either they use a different scaler (like how kiri is different than BP), or it simply isn't linear. Take your pick.
If king kai states goku's power increases in folds while using kaioken, we all know Goku's battle power increases in folds.

There's no argument. Kaio-sama doesn't even have a scouter yet he knows this. There's no logical reason (when thinking about it in-universe)to think that when karin says goku's power increased many times that it doesn't mean his battle power increased in folds or anyone else including piccolo jr. for that matter.

Anyway,it's stated in the manga that Tenshinhan got better than Goku during King Piccolo's fight.
Tenshinhan fought evenly with Weighted Goku BEFORE he increased his speed. Tenshinhan then said that Goku was stronger than before (3 years ago)when he defeated Piccolo Daimaoh.
This statement should be enough,but the fucking haters,the fucking 3 stooges decided to make a dumb case to bash Tenshinhan.

Plus, Goku and Piccolo had to improve many-fold anyway from Daimaoh to the Budokai as that was stated.

They were about equal in power when Goku was weighted. Krillin states this. Goku just had better stamina as Roshi further explained ...which is no surprise if he isn't even using close to his full power thanks to the weights.Goku is very strong against Daimao.
-Tenshinhan evenly fights Goku (whose full battle power is limited by the weights; in the fight with Raditz we found out that those weights took from him 82 units-416-334=82) but, even so after that quick fight Tenshinhan is able to conclude that he's even stronger then before...just that his speed has not changed.
-It obviously means Tenshinhan is stronger then Piccolo Daimaoh for him to be fighting about even with Goku and know just based on that fight that Goku is stronger then ever before
and was shown to be able to launch a Chou wave with no sweat.
This is all BEFORE Tenshinhan used his full speed.

Tenshinhan hater stooge:It means Ten is keeping up. Nothing more. Goku hasn't exactly smacked him down hard yet.

Answer:WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!OMFG fucking dumbass,are you fucking retarded????????????

Do you enjoy being made to look stupid???: WHERE THE FLYING FUCKITY-FUCK DO YOU PULL THAT SHIT FROM?!
That's not the point. Whatever power Goku was using at that point even if he is barely trying or hasn't laid the smackdown on Tenshinhan yet is stated to be stronger then what he was 3 years ago. And Tenshinhan fought pretty evenly.
Again you have been taken apart!!!!!
obliterated!!!!!!! Smashed to pieces!!!!!!!!!!

Tenshinhan hater stooge:Goku was holding back against Tenshinhan.

Answer:And the nominees for THE I GOT BITCH SLAPPED THE HARDEST FOR Retarded statements are the 3 stooges the 3 great Tenshinhan haters from MFG R;X and K
OMFG Are you fucking retarded or just genetically stupid?????????????????

The notion that Son Goku was holding back is hilarious since he was using heavy clothes who supressed his power and speed, again, the notion that Son Goku with weights was holding back against Tenshinhan is purely fanmade and there isn't anything in the actual match that suggests that. Not that it really makes a difference, because even if he was holding back Tenshinhan says that he was stronger then he was 3 years ago, so keeping that in mind it's not the 250 battle power that i find wrong(or 250 can refer to tenshinhan relaxed without pushing himself to the limits) it's the 260 power that they give Piccolo Daimaoh in the Daizenshuu unless they are talking about Piccolo Daimaoh using his full power through an energy blast ex.Piccolo had 408 against Raditz,but he was able to expand his battle power to 1480 due to makkanosapo/special beam canon .
I have the Daizenshuu in high regards but it's clear that the battle power they give Piccolo Daimaoh goes against what's said in the manga, especially considering the 250 power Akira Toriyama gave Tenshinhan in DBZ. The only way 260 would make sense, would be if 250 was Tenshinhan's power suppressed which i find very plausible considering that Tenshinhan had a great deal of room to grow in the 8 years from Piccolo Daimaoh until the start of Z.

What is said in volume 15 during the Tenshinhan vs Goku fight is very clear, Tenshinhan claims that Goku has increased his power since he battled three years ago which means that Goku with weights at the 23rd tournament is more powerful then Goku against Piccolo Daimaoh, that same Tenshinhan was able to keep up with Goku with weights and was actually faster then him, which can only mean that Tenshinhan is also more powerful then Goku was three years before against Piccolo Daimao,
making Tenshinhan also stronger then Piccolo Daimaoh himself.
You got clapped down again!!!!!!!!!!!!!Come again retards and i will take you down like shit.Read and understand and don't just fly off at the mouth with jibberish!!!!

Tenshinhan hater stooge:Piccolo wins. Sorry, but an off-the-cuff remark from Tien who couldn't even sense ki at that point doesn't constitute evidence

answer:That's why you get bitchslapped and taken apart on the regular dumbass!!!!Fucking dumbass you need to take your medication to make such dumb statement.Take your fix. You need help!'re wrong dumbass, Tenshinhan could already feel chi, during the the battle between Piccolo Daimaoh and Goku, when Piccolo Daimaoh is powering up Tenshinhan clearly says that he has a tremendous chi, you can check volume 13 page 178 of the manga.You're just digging yourself a deeper hole asshole.lMFAO!You just got owned pretty bad on this one.looool

Tenshinhan hater stooge:even if he can sense ki, that doesn't mean he can sense it to such extent he can accurately compare the size of two ki signals. Goku could "sense" ki way back in the Baba arc, yet that didn't help him gauge his chances against the likes of old Daimao or Yajirobe.

answer:Wrong again fucking dumbass!!!!!You are comparing apples with oranges.
If he can sense that Piccolo Daimaoh chi increased, then why he wouldn't be able to tell that Goku was stronger then he was before, not to mention that it would make little sense for Akira Toriyama to write that if in the end it was false.
Tenshinhan's statement is never contradicted,therefore it is true,period.
All your examples show that Goku was wrong dumbass,that's not the case with Tenshinhan's statements,actually dumbass, in the same fight Tenshinhan also states that Goku had not used his full power after he took the weights during their fight and he was right, so there is no reason why he would be wrong about Goku being stronger then he was 3 years earlier.You got destroyed like a maggot after this last one dumbass!!!!!!!!!
You've been destructed DIRECT QUOTES full of retarded biased claims.

Besides,you don't really need to feel chi to know that you're opponent has grown stronger, like for example during the preliminary rounds of the 22nd Tenkaichi Budokai when Goku comments that Kuririn was much better then he was three years ago just by watching his movements, or when they see Jackie Chan in action against his first opponent in the preliminaries and make a similar statement. It's on volume 10.

Finally fucking dumbass,it would be pathetic and retarded that Tenshinhan would come to a tournament confident that he could win with a battle power inferior to Goku's battle power of 3 years ago.
Again,after those 3 years Tenshinhan was confident that he could win,it is like Tenshinhan showing up to fight Nappa with a battle power inferior Raditz.
When you make retarded claims contradicted by the manga,you need to provide evidence and obviously you just proved your pathetic BS against a character,nothing more.

This is what i call a brutal destruction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After getting bludgeoned for the umpteenth time this is all you have????? You need sleep. Rest and recuperate, you've been taken apart....again. You should be used to it by now.Owned !!!!!Again i destroyed the fallacies of these dumbasses EASILY!

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DragonBall Daizenshuu 2 – Story Guide /DragonBall Daizenshuu 4 – World Guide/Daizenshuu 7 Human Racial Dictionary

Facts about Tenshinhan in Daizenshuu 2, Daizenshuu 4 and Daizenshuu 7

DragonBall Daizenshuu 2 – Story Guide
08 -
Equal ability! The appearance of his rival, Tenshinhan!

Vol. 10 / Chp. 114Tenshinhan was a stuck-up and sarcastic person. During their match, he aimed for Goku's life, but when the intense battle had passed, his heart began to open up. Their battle gave birth to something close to even friendship. Afterwards he became Goku's ally.


01 -
Meeting Kame-sennin, who showed him the true path.

Vol. 11 / Chp. 124At Kame-sennin's words of "Walk a bright path", Tenshinhan's heart is shaken.

02 -
Regret! Loosing Kame-sennin and Chaozu before his eyes.

Vol. 12 / Chp. 145Sprayed with Kame-sennin's sleep medicine, Tenshinhan can do nothing.

03 -
The death of Chaozu, his constant companion.

Vol. 19 / Chp. 217In order to save Tenshinhan, Chaozu dies. At the death of his friend, Tenshinhan is thrown into a frenzy. He attacks with all of his remaining strength.

Vol. 19 / Chp. 218His friendship with Chaozu is his greatest treasure.

04 -
Even far apart, he is Goku and everyone's ally!!

Vol. 40 / Chp. 474Even separated, he is concerned about Goku and the others from afar.

A turnabout into a good person.
Tenshinhan aimed to be an excellent assassin and trained under Tsuru-sennin. One day, his heart was stirred by the words of Jackie Chun (Kame-sennin), who he met at the Tenkaichi Budoukai. Looking at Tsuru-sennin, who was persistently fixated on killing, Tenshinhan decided to cut himself off from him.

Tenshinhan washed his feet from the path of evil, but then due to Piccolo Daimao, Kame-sennin, who he respected, as well as his fellow pupil Chaozu, are killed. Mastering the "Mafuuba", a move he saw the now dead Kame-sennin perform, he challenges Piccolo Daimao on his own.

Eventually, during the battle with the Saiyans, he loses Chaozu. Trying to stop the power of the Saiyan Nappa, Chaozu willingly sacrificed himself. Angry at the death of his friend, who couldn't be restored to life a second time, Tenshinhan faces his enemy and dies a vain but noble death.

Tenshinhan wanders throughout the entire Earth. He will continue training forever.

In daizenshuu 2 it is also confirmed that Tenshinhan and Chaoz always used weighted

Here is the citation and the link to the kanzentai translations.

Vol. 42 / Chp. 517 It seems that he(Chaozu who follows Tenshinhan orders and obviously Tenshinhan ) trains often in northern provinces, and in the mountains he wears heavy clothing.

Also Daizenshuu 2 states that after the battle with Cell, he(Krillin) peacefully lives with No. 18 at Kame House. Even having a daughter now, he has thoroughly distanced himself from battle.

Vol. 36 / Chp. 426 (Krillin) No longer training, his hair has grown out.

As you can see Krillin during 7 years didn't train anymore instead Tenshinhan trained always like an animal to become stronger(stated in Daizenshuu 7) during 7 years with weigths and some dumbasses want to convince us that Krillin
was stronger than
Tenshinhan was always stronger than Krillin ALWAYS!!!!!!!!

Daizenshuu 2, p.130

A lofty martial artist who aims for distant heights.
As a pupil of Tsuru-sennin, Tenshinhan aimed to be the greatest assassin in the world, but shaken by Kame-sennin's words in the end he followed his own road. Usually not interacting with his allies, he continues his journey of training with just Chaozu and rushes to the scene whenever anything happens.

Trained by Tsuru-sennin, he aimed to be an assassin like Tao Pai Pai. He possesses many types of techniques, and his speed is especially prominent.

After the battle with Piccolo Daimao had ended, he began to live the life of a traveling warrior along with Chaozu. On a plot of land deep in the mountains, the two of them immerse themselves in training.

Vol. 31 / Chp. 373 His techniques powered up as well.

Vol. 41 / Chp. 501 Even during the battle with Buu, he gallantly appears. He saves Dende.

A small psychic that immerses himself in training along with Tenshinhan.
Like Tenshinhan, he was a pupil of Tsuru-sennin and trained to be an assassin. After the 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai, together with Tenshinhan he sets off as a wandering warrior. Unlike the other warriors, during battle he uses his psychic powers rather than kenpou to defeat his enemies.

In addition to having psychic powers that allow him to float in the air and stop his opponent's movement, he can easily use Tao Pai Pai's Dodonpa. However, his weakness is mathematics.

Together with Tenshinhan, Chaozu set out as a traveling warrior. He continued to train as he passed through different places. With a bigger size and physique than he had as a pupil of Tsuru-sennin, you can see traces of growth.

Vol. 42 / Chp. 517It seems that he trains often in northern provinces, and in the mountains he wears heavy clothing.

Staff Credits

構成 : キャラメル・ママ Organization : Caramel Mama
アートデイレクター : 田熊樹美 (フライハイト) Art Director : Takuma Jumi (Freiheit)

著者 : 鳥山 明 Author : Toriyama Akira
発行人 : 坂口紀和 Publisher : Sakaguchi Norikazu
編集人 : 渡辺彰則 Editor : Watanabe Akinori
発行所 : 株式会社集英社 Publishing House : Shueisha Co., Ltd.
印刷所 : 大日本印刷株式会社 Printing House : Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

DragonBall Daizenshuu 4 – World Guide

Individuals' Unique Characteristics

A descendent of aliens who uses unique techniques.
Tenshinhan uses techniques that are impossible to think of being those of an Earthling, such as growing arms from his back or splitting into four people. It's a small wonder then that Tenshinhan is a descendent of the Three-Eyed people, themselves the posterity of aliens, and that he has a unique physical composition as a throwback to his ancestors.

"Earthlings blessed with fighting potential."
Meaning that some humans really had a high fighting potential like Yajirobe who never trained and had a battle power relatively close to Goku when he first met him.

The prosperous co-existence of diverse Earthlings.

Animal-type Earthling: They look like animals, but they speak, use weapons, express human emotions, and behave just like humans. Among them there also exist Animal-type Earthlings who have acquired unique powers, such as Oolong and the Boss Rabbit.

Human-type Earthling: The most numerous kind of Earthling, the general human type. They mostly have no unique powers, but there are also some who have acquired exceptional abilities. There are those like Bulma and Dr. Brief who possess brilliant intelligence, those like Yajirobe who have great battle potential, those like Uranai Baba who have mysterious powers, and the like.

Monster-type Earthling: Earthlings who fit into neither the Animal-type nor Human-type are Monster-type. There are many who have a distinctive appearance, like Mira-kun and Suke-san who Goku and co. fought at Uranai Baba's palace, and they possess mysterious powers. Pilaf, whose true identity is unclear, is also included in this Monster-type.

Daizenshuu 7: Human Racial Dictionary
A martial artist


Born in the year Age 733. Height: 187 cm, Weight: 75 kg. He aspired to become an assassin, and studied the martial arts under Tsuru-sennin. However, he was influenced by Kame-sennin and Goku when he met them at the 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai, and left Tsuru-sennin. He participated in numerous battles with Goku. When his fellow disciple Chaozu died, he trained intensively to learn the Mafuuba so that he could fight Piccolo Daimao. When Chaozu self-destructed in the battle with Nappa, he fired the Kikoho to avenge him, but used up all his power and died. After training under Kaio, he was revived through Porunga. After the battle with Cell, he set off with Chaozu on a journey of training, and during the battle with Majin Buu he saved his comrade from danger.


As a descendent of the alien Three-Eyed People, he has physical idiosyncrasies that can't be considered that of an Earthling, such as splitting into four people, and growing arms from his shoulders. He's a rare pure martial artist, who only wishes to get stronger. (Daizenshuu 2, p.130 / Daizenshuu 4, p.69)


Shishin no Ken, Taiyo-ken, Kikoho, Shiyo-ken, Shin-Kikoho, etc.

Of course, the usual retards always question Daizenshuu making retarded statements like saying that Toriyama didn't write the daizenshuus ignoring the fact that mangakas don't write Databooks.
However,Akira Toriyama supervised the databooks and that part they always love to ignore.

構成 : キャラメル・ママ Organization : Caramel Mama
アートデイレクター : 田熊樹美 (フライハイト) Art Director : Takuma Jumi (Freiheit)

著者 : 鳥山 明 Author : Toriyama Akira
発行人 : 坂口紀和 Publisher : Sakaguchi Norikazu
編集人 : 渡辺彰則 Editor : Watanabe Akinori
発行所 : 株式会社集英社 Publishing House : Shueisha Co., Ltd.
印刷所 : 大日本印刷株式会社 Printing House : Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

You can see the full articles in the site kanzentai.

Be careful,because some old dumb rats from MFG and retarded Krillin fanboys from MFG currently are behind the articles
in the english wikipedia and they are also in all the sites about DBZ including daizenshuu ex.
These guys are everywhere,lol so expect a lot of old retarded theories bashing Tenshinhan,Toei Animation
and the Daizenshuu.

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Dragon Ball Online

These informations come from the game, some from the official site, and some of it's a bit older, from a press conferences:

The Pale Man, Miira

The Pale Man's name is Miira, and the current main goal for players is to uncover and prevent his evil plans. Miira is a humanoid that was created in the Dark Demon Realm (Ankoku Makai), and invaded Earth in Age 2000 to try and conquer it. He recruits the remnants of the Freeza and Red Pants Armies and begins gathering life energy, then travels back in time with a time machine to try and obtain Goku's DNA to become even stronger. Kami-sama (Dende) asks Trunks to prevent this, leading to the formation of the Time Patrol.

You may or may not know that in one of the recent Dragon Ball guidebooks, Akira Toriyama introduced the concept of Makaioshin, corrupted Kaioshin (Supreme Kais) that rule over the Dark Demon Realm (where Dabura is from). It was speculated that he brought this up because he planned to use them in DBO. Though I'm pretty sure Miira isn't a Makaioshin, I feel fairly confident in saying that the female character he's been pictured with probably is, and that she may be the one who created him.

The Human Race and Classes

Of the three races, the humans have the longest established culture on Earth, and they're also the most prolific, having spread to all corners of the world, including the Wastelands. As of Age 1000, the human race has become cross-bred with the Saiyan race, and as such, many believe that the race holds a powerful, hidden potential. In Age 820, the remnants of the Freeza Army invaded Earth; the war and environmental destruction has given the human race an intense drive to protect the planet.

You may have also noticed that humans in the Age 1000 are well aware of advanced fighting techniques. This is all thanks to Son Gohan, who published the book "Groundbreaking Science" around Age 800, presumably introducing concepts such as ki control to the general public and ushering in a worldwide revolution in martial arts (details on this aren't completely clear).

Introducing the New Hermits

After Gohan wrote "Groundbreaking Science", which advocated martial arts and increased expectations to use them, many began to call for a revival of the Turtle and Crane Schools. However, the Turtle and Crane Hermits had retired due to old age, and the task of revival was passed on to Kuririn and Tenshinhan.

Kuririn founded the New Turtle School. Having fought many battles alongside Saiyans and Namekians, he understood that humans simply couldn't compare to aliens and developed techniques that revolved around working together. Even if they're unable to deal a killing blow to kill their opponent, they can still weaken them, and by combining their efforts with others, would be able to contend with far stronger enemies.

Tenshinhan, on the other hand, came to a different conclusion, believing that it was more important to develop aggressive attacks by controlling ki than it was to provide support. Having witnessed the Genki Dama that Son Goku used to defeat Majin Boo, he realized that it was possible for an individual to defeat even the strongest opponent by raising their power to the limits and gathering tremendous amounts of ki. As such, he developed techniques that revolved around strategically collecting ki and unleashing bursts of intense energy with precise timing.

Founding of the groundbreaking Kikoukenjutsu Sword School

In Gohan's "Groundbreaking Science", he wrote that the Katchin metal (that was used to test the Z-Sword) could, in fact, be cut, which caused many to become interested in learning swordplay. When Trunks and Goten learned about this, they got all fired up and decided that they'd start an awesome sword school of their own. This lead to the founding of the groundbreaking Kikoukenjutsu Sword School. Kikoukenjutsu, or "Spiritual Swordsmanship", revolves around elegant swordplay and infusing blades with ki to overpower opponents.

The Namekian Race and Classes

After the namekian's homeworld, Planet Namek, was destroyed, they migrated to New Namek. However, that was attacked by Miira in Age 853, forcing them to move yet again. They settled on Earth, primarily around "Porunga Rocks", a region that was terraformed to resemble Namek. They now work on behalf of Kami-sama Dende to prevent Miira from causing global destruction.
Unlike other races, namekians are genderless and reproduce asexually.

The Namekian Warriors are warrior-type namekians that follow the teachings of the legendary namekian warrior, Piccolo, and they fall into two categories Makai Warriors and Madou Warriors. Makai Warriors follow Piccolo's teachings, while the Madou Warriors are those who have reinterpreted Piccolo's teachings to develop a new style.

Namekian Dragon Clansmen are the rare namekians born into the Dragon Clan, who have the ability heal others and to create and control shenlongs. The Dende Priests follow the teachings of Kami-sama Dende, who is regarded as the greatest spirtual teacher in Namekian history, and emphasize healing and strengthening their allies. Poko Priests, on the other hand, vomit eggs that hatch into demon shenlongs called Pokopen, which they can control, similar to Piccolo Daimao; these Pokopen include Bongo and Gamelan.

The Majin Race and Classes

After Goku left to train Oob, Mr. Boo and Mr. Satan won the 28th Tenkaichi Budokai by cheating, and remained undefeated through the 29th and 30th. However, after a while, Mr. Boo became envious of the humans and the close relationships they had with their sweethearts. In Age 790, Boo accidentally found and read Mr. Satan's copy of "Bob and Margaret", a controversial adult book, in his library. He began to study it in order to create a "Female Boo" that would be just his type. With the name Booby in mind, he removed part of his body and molded it into a wife for himself, then finished by hitting her with a Love Beam, causing her to give birth to a "Baby Boo". From then on the population grew quickly, and, in time, the descendants of Boo were recognized worldwide as the Mmajin race. They're an optimistic and joyful people who dedicate themselves to making "fun days" for otherse, though they can become dangerous when they're angry or confused. They stand against Miira in order to create a more pleasant Earth.

The majin fall into two basic categories: Daimajin (Large Majin) and Imajin (Strange Majin). The Daimajin are happy and have a natural gift for uplifting the spirits of those around them and are also able to reduce the impact of enemy attacks with their soft bodies. They can become Ultima, musicians who enjoy fighting and rally their friends with songs, or Granma, chefs who torment their enemies with a mischievous and fattening fighting style and use maces that resemble foods.

The Imajin, on the other hand, are majin that at some point experienced the corrupting influence of sin. They're aggressive, and develop fighting techniques capable of really hurting their enemies. They can become Plasmas, who become too fixated on enjoying themselves and taking pleasure in nature; like monks, Plasmas use their drums to draw on the power of nature (like lighting), but can also use the drums to fill their friends with rhythm. The Karmas are majin who have developed a dark side due to past experience with sin, and they dance and wear masks to frighten or entrance their enemies.

General Translation Notes

Regarding Martial Artists and Fighters, the Japanese terms, "budoka" and "kakutouka". Budo is a catch-all term referring to any sort of fighting style, while kakutou refers more specifically to hand-to-hand and competitive martial arts, though both are often translated as just "martial arts".

I've generally used "spiritual" as a catch-all for the Japanese term "kikou", or "ki control". This is actually the Japanese translation for the Chinese art of Chi Kung, and in Dragon Ball, refers to the cultivation and channeling of ki. The term's notable used by Tenshinhan in his "Kikouhou", which was dubbed as "Tri-Beam". In the "Kikoukenjutsu" (Spiritual Swordsmanship), the term implies that the sword techniques revolve around channeling ki into the blade.

The Crane and Turtle Hermits aren't called "Roshi". Roushi literally means "old man that teaches", and it's Muten Roushi's name. The Turtle and Crane Hermit classes are "Kame-senshi" and "Tsuru-senshi", with "senshi" meaning "hermit". Senshi is used to differentiate the class from the original Turtle and Crane Hermits, which are written as "Kame-sennin" and "Tsuru-sennin".

Regarding the namekian classes, the Makai Warriors (Makai Senshi) and Madou Warriors (Madou Senshi) are two different takes on Piccolo's teachings. Makai means "demon realm", and Madou means "demon arts". Dende Priests (Dende-doushi) are obviously disciples of Dende (his name is written as "Denden" in Korean). Poko Priests (Poko-doushi) are based on Piccolo Daimao, who summoned his demon offspring by chanting "Pokopen". In DBO, the demon dragons that Poko Priests summon are called Pokopen, and the two that are available are named Bongo and Gamelan, named after musical instruments just Piccolo Daimao's children.

Also, the Poko Priests don't use "hearthstones". They use "demon stones", or "maseki". The reason machine translations translate it as "hearthstone" is because that's the name of a World of Warcraft item that's called a "magic stone" in the Korean version, and that has the same hanja as "demon stone". Hearthstones in WoW are items you can use to teleport to whichever inn is currently set as your home, hearthstone (hearth means home).

Daimajin literally means "Large Majin"; "dai", meaning "big" or "large", refers specifically to size, even though female majin are obviously not big and fat. Some have been using "Mighty Majin", but I must say that the Japanese word for "mighty" is actually kyoudai, "large strength". Most likely, when they originally created the majin race, they intended for Daimajin to be fat and Imajin to be skinny, but instead decided to just make the males fat and the females skinny.

Imajin literally means "Strange Majin", referring to the fact that these are majin that have been tainted by sin, making them different from the Daimajin that live to make others happy. "I" means "strange", "abnormal", "unsual", etc., and though "wonder" is certainly apt, I don't think "Wonder Majin" accurately depicts them as being corrupted by sin.

Ultima, Granma, Plasma, and Karma are all obviously words that end in -ma, a referance to the "ma" in majin. Granma might very well come from "Grandma", as grandmother's are often known to cook for their families. The Plasmas are also pretty clearly inspired by the Japanese Thunder God, Raijin, who is usually depicted with a ring of drums on his back that he uses to create thunder.

The human race has become cross-bred with the Saiyan race
By the time DB ended, the Saiyan DNA had already been diluted to 1/4th with Pan's generation. You have to consider that by the year 1000, we're looking at people that are already something like 10 generations removed from Goku and Vegeta.

If Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and Bra each had a family and one or two children each, then within 10 generations you're already looking at thousands of human descendants with diluted saiyan DNA (something like 1% saiyan, maybe more when you consider it's genetically safe to breed with cousins that are a few generations removed).

Technically, not anyone can do it. The Saiyan blood is so diluted that the only way to awaken it is to collect the seven Dragon Balls and wish for it (at level 50).

Even then, the ability is fairly limited (lasts for only 10 minutes and can only be used once an hour), so it's really more of a "last ditch effort" ability, not something they can pull out whenever they want.
Namekians have three fingers, Karin's blue, etc.. In an interview, one of the developers mentioned that they were staying as true to the manga as possible when asked about GT.

It's also worth noting that Akira Toriyama's really involved in the game, and has to sign off on every single character design, scenery, item, and story element introduced in the game.
Akira Toriyama's supervision is also given a lot of credit for how well the game came together.
But while he signs off on the story elements, he didn't actually write the story. The game scenario was written by the game staff, and Toriyama's main involvement in the game is in the way of character designs.

Toriyama's direct involvement seems to mainly revolve around the character designs and the general look of the game, and beyond that, it's just general supervision. He probably contributes concepts for the story, but leaves the important details up to the scenario writers. Of course, it's hard to tell just how involved people are with games like this if they don't explicitly state what they've done.

Next, they talk a bit about the story, and Akira Toriyama's involvement. Basically, they say that the story of Dragon Ball Online can't be the same as the original story, because it's set 250 years later, and they need to have new events for the present setting. They say that they're trying to implement the most original stories, and that everything is produced under the supervision of the original author, Akira Toriyama, and Shueisha, the copyright holders.

hey want to eventually implement team-up attacks. They also mention that they have to come up with a lot of completely original abilities, simply because they're required for the sake of gameplay, but that it can be a difficult process because Akira Toriyama and Shueisha have to consent to every ability they come up with. This is taken very seriously, so that anything they develop can be considered an official part of Dragon Ball.

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Daizenshuu 2 and Tenshinhan's training clothes

Toriyama Akira's Introduction

It seems that the second of the complete works is a "story edition". For me, who drew the manga in a hit-or-miss fashion, having it called a "story" is only embarrassing. Even so, I suppose that my job of thinking up the story was a little more fun than when I was drawing the pictures. Ah, but to speak frankly, the second half of the story was difficult because I somewhat overdid thinking it up. Though I did a good job continuing it like that... I think.

– Toriyama Akira

In daizenshuu 2 it is confirmed that Tenshinhan and Chaoz always used weighted
Here is the citation and the link to the kanzentai translations.

Vol. 42 / Chp. 517 It seems that he(Chaozu who follows Tenshinhan orders and obviously Tenshinhan ) trains often in northern provinces, and in the mountains he wears heavy clothing.

Also Daizenshuu 2 states that after the battle with Cell, he(Krillin) peacefully lives with No. 18 at Kame House. Even having a daughter now, he has thoroughly distanced himself from battle.

Vol. 36 / Chp. 426No longer training, his hair has grown out.

As you can see Krillin during 7 years didn't train anymore instead Tenshinhan trained always like an animal to become stronger(stated in Daizenshuu 7) during 7 years with weigths and some dumbasses want to convince us that Krillin
was stronger than
Tenshinhan was always stronger than Krillin ALWAYS!!!!!!!!

It seems someone got obliterated again!!!!!!

However,there is always a problem to some pukes lol :
Dumb biased retarded statement:This isn't hinted in the manga !

Answer:, you scroungy little fuck!!!!!
You piece of shit, little scumbag.You best unfuck yourself or I will unscrew
your head and shit down your neck next time.LMFAO!

So what if isn't hinted in the fucking manga, many other things explained by Akira Toriyama are not hinted in the manga, so you are saying that we should follow some brainless dumb biased theories made by some fanboys.Is that it?
Everyone knows that Akira Toriyma staff who wrote the daizenshuu under Toriyama's supervision knows nothing about
As you know Toriyama supervised and approved Daizenshuu,Akira even wrote some parts,but you know Akira is an idiot who can't read,therefore is better to follow some dumb baseless retarded assumptions made by fanboys taken from their asses than official information made by Toriyama's staff under his supervision and no Akira Toriyama never supervised
the anime .lol

Kanzentai Translations

DragonBall Daizenshuu 2 – Story Guide
View This Guidebook's Information Page

Toriyama Akira's Introduction

It seems that the second of the complete works is a "story edition". For me, who drew the manga in a hit-or-miss fashion, having it called a "story" is only embarrassing. Even so, I suppose that my job of thinking up the story was a little more fun than when I was drawing the pictures. Ah, but to speak frankly, the second half of the story was difficult because I somewhat overdid thinking it up. Though I did a good job continuing it like that... I think.

– Toriyama Akira

Table of Contents

Before DragonBall 046,090
Adventure History 047-089
Personal History
Chronological Table of Characters 108-109
Growing Up 110-133
Human Drama 134-154
Sub Characters 171-176
Battle History
Final Battle 180-201
Special Attacks 202-217
All Battles 218-242
Toriyama Akira Super Interview - 2nd Round 261-265
Shenron Times - 2nd Issue Insert Pamphlet

Translated Contents

Growing Up

From a boy to an adult. From a child to a parent. In this long story, there are numerous characters that grew along with the flow of time. See the different steps of growth of the principle characters divided up into different eras.

Infinite power that grows strong through fighting with strong guys!!
The biggest driving force behind Goku's growth is his fighting with strong guys. Furthermore, he continues to push himself to his limits by refusing to lose, no matter what kind of guy his opponent is. Because he trained with the sense of "I can't lose in a fight", Goku grew.

First Appears: Vol. 01-14
His boyhood, where he held the Nyoibo in one hand and used the other for Janken, which he learned from his foster parent Son Gohan. He receives training as a good disciple of Kame-sennin, Karin-sama, as well as Kami-sama.

Vol. 01 / Chp. 008This was his best special move during his boyhood.
Vol. 02 / Chp. 021He transforms when he looks at the moon.
Vol. 02 / Chp. 022 & Vol. 05 / Chp. 051Goku as an Oozaru can destroy even a castle.

First Appears: Vol. 14-22
He trained for three years at the temple in order to defeat the revived Piccolo. Because Kami-sama permanently removed his tail, he can never become an Oozaru again.

Vol. 14 / Chp. 166His speed has increased through Kami-sama's training.

First Appears: Vol. 27+
The strongest warrior in the universe, with a calm heart, awakened through intense hatred. Gentle Goku's anger explodes when Krillin is killed by Freeza.

Vol. 27 / Chp. 317When Krillin is killed by Freeza, he transforms into a Super Saiyan.

First Appears: Vol. 34+
Goku trained in the Room of Spirit and Time before his fight with Cell. He draws out the power of the Super Saiyan to its limits, and the aura that surrounds him is different.

Vol. 33 / Chp. 387Goku decided that an unreasonable power-up was a disadvantage.

First Appears: Vol. 38+
A power-up he acquired through his training with Kaio-sama in the Other World. During his bout with Vegeta in the Buu arc, he transformed into this mode so that could put out his highest power.

Vol. 38 / Chp. 458Goku, taking up Vegeta's challenge.
Vol. 38 / Chp. 458His strength blows away the ground with just a kick.

First Appears: Vol. 40+
In order to stop Majin Buu's massacre for a few minutes, Goku transformed into his strongest mode in order to stall for time. The energy consumption is intense, so on Earth he can only sustain it for a short time.

Vol. 40 / Chp. 473Saying the Super Saiyan 2 is useless, Goku brings out his trump card.

First Appears: Vol. 42+
The Super Saiyan version of "Vegetto", the result of Goku merging with Vegeta through the potara in order to oppose Majin Buu, who had absorbed many warriors. His power is greater than Super Saiyan 3.

Vol. 42 / Chp. 503Goku made Vegeta use the potara against his will.
Vol. 42 / Chp. 503Vegetto immediately after the merge. He soon became Super Vegetto.

Dormant power that knows no bottom, even though he was trained from infancy.
Gohan is an elite who easily handled the training he was put through since the age of four in order to fight enormous enemies. As a Saiyan and Earthling half-breed, Gohan possesses dormant power that surpasses that of a Saiyan. While by nature he has a calm personality and isn't interested in fighting, when he loses his reason his true power explodes.

Through Chi Chi's education, Gohan was raised to have a quiet personality (even with Goku around). Through Piccolo's special training, we begin to see his Saiyan heritage.

Vol. 18 / Chp. 208 & Vol. 20 / Chp. 240Gohan can also turn into an Oozaru.

BOYHOOD / VOL. 28~35
Hearing Trunks' message about the Artificial Humans, he trains with Goku and Piccolo for three years. His tail is still missing from the battle with Vegeta.

Gohan acquires this from training with Goku in the Room of Spirit and Time in order to fight Cell. He trained by trying to live with Super Saiyan as his normal state.

Vol. 32 / Chp. 377Goku saw Gohan's hidden potential.

Gohan's form after his anger exploded due to Cell's cruel actions. That Gohan was able to reach this stage earlier than Goku proves how high his dormant power is.

Vol. 34 / Chp. 407The trigger was Cell killing No. 16.

Many years after the battle with Cell, Gohan had become a high school student. Due to either Chi Chi's influence or him neglecting to train, his strength hadn't changed since he was a boy.

Vol. 36 / Chp. 422~424He went through a lot of trouble to conceal his power at high school.
Vol. 36 / Chp. 423In order to conceal his identity, he consults Bulma.
Vol. 36 / Chp. 424The clothes he wears when defeating evildoers. He calls himself "the Great Saiyaman".
Vol. 36 / Chp. 426For use in the tournament, which prohibited helmets.


In the world of the teenage Trunks, where Goku died of a heart virus, the only remaining warriors were Trunks and Gohan. Gohan even lost one of his arms. He could become Super Saiyan, but lost his life fighting the Artificial Humans.


During the Tenkaichi Budoukai he transforms at Kibito's request. Because he couldn't gain power from anger and because he hadn't been training, he doesn't have the same battle power as when he defeated Cell.


In order to defeat Majin Buu, he had his dormant power drawn out by the Elder Kaioshin. Even without becoming a Super Saiyan, he has power surpassing Gotenks.


Ten years after the battle with Majin Buu, Gohan has followed his childhood dream and become a scholar. Having more enthusiasm for research than training, he is far removed from battle.

A gifted child who mastered Super Saiyan at a young age.
By virtue of being Goku's son, Goten posses battle power not the least bit inferior to even Gohan. On top of being able to unleash a startling amount of power in even his normal state, he can easily transform into a Super Saiyan. Furthermore, he merges with Trunks through a technique known as Fusion.

Goten was raised without having a fighting instructor. He learned kumite, the basis of hand-to-hand combat, from Chi Chi, and had make-believe battles with Trunks.

Vol. 36 / Chp. 428Even with a ki blast that he fires with ease, the destructive power is outstanding.

Goten has gigantic hidden power within his small body. Like Goku and Gohan, borrowing strength from his anger he can change into a Super Saiyan

Vol. 36 / Chp. 427Though he could become a Super Saiyan, Goten could not fly.

The sole hope for defeating Majin Buu, Goten and Trunks' formation after they merged through Fusion. For some reason, his personality is very stuck-up, and he quickly developed a huge attitude.

Vol. 39 / Chp. 472They learned the Fusion technique from Goku.
Vol. 40 / Chp. 480They got the Fusion pose wrong and failed.

Initially they had to transform into Super Saiyans first and then perform Fusion, but through special training they became able to transform even after fusing.

Vol. 41 / Chp. 490Through a few days' training, Gotenks became super powered up.
Vol. 41 / Chp. 493Even with the Earth in danger, Gotenks stubbornly persists in doing things at his own pace.

Gotenks' most powerful form. In a few days' training, the two of them learn Super Saiyan 3, which took Goku many years to do. This form possesses the ability to fight equally with Majin Buu.

Vol. 41 / Chp. 493As a Super Saiyan 3, he can open a hole in the dimension with just his voice.

Ten years after the battle with Majin Buu, Goten had completely become a young man, and had changed his hair as well. Since peace had thrown off his training, power-wise he hasn't had any explosive growth since when he was a boy.

Encountering his father Vegeta makes him the savior of the future.
Because of his training with Gohan in the future world, adult Trunks could become a Super Saiyan. After training with Vegeta in the present world, he even mastered the second grade of Super Saiyan. However, he grew even more so emotionally, and returned to the future.

He possesses tremendous battle power, cutting Freeza in half with a single slice, who had given Goku a difficult fight. However, being no match for the Artificial Humans, he goes to the present to train.

Vol. 28 / Chp. 331With the sword that he carries on his back, he cuts Freeza in half in a single slice.


Training in the Room of Spirit and Time in order to defeat Cell, Trunks surpassed the Super Saiyan wall. Second Grade greatly amplifies his power.


His strongest form, which he acquired in order to oppose Cell in his perfect-form. It draws his power out to the limits, but sacrifices speed.


Having grown enormously during the battle with Cell, Trunks returned to the future. In the future he blew away No. 17, No. 18, and then Cell, once again restoring peace.

The death of his father Vegeta greatly changes his young heart.
A child prodigy who made Super Saiyan his own without having anyone teach him. Like Gohan and Goten, being half Saiyan and half Earthling, his dormant power is high. He can furthermore perform Fusion with Goten to transform into Gotenks. After peace came, he didn't train.


While Goku and the others were fighting the Artificial Humans, Bulma was at the battle grounds holding him in her arms. Even from this age, he was raised watching Super Saiyan level battles.

BOYHOOD / VOL. 36~42

Becoming old enough to fight, he received gifted education from Vegeta. Mastering the manipulation of ki, he can fire ki blasts.


At this age he quickly acquires the ability to transform into a Super Saiyan. His astounding dormant power allows him to easily move around in the 150x gravity room that Vegeta used for training.


To protect the Earth from Majin Buu, he merges with Goten through Fusion, which they learned from Goku. Gotenks is explained on page 118.


Having fully become an adult, he is now at about the same age as adult Trunks. Since he doesn't train very often, he hasn't explosively powered up.

Going from Daimao to a warrior of the Earth, the ultimate Namekian.
Piccolo is a manifestation of the evil that Kami-sama expelled from his heart. After being reincarnated from Daimao, his evilness faded and he grew into a gifted martial artist. As a Namekian, Piccolo can fuse with other Namekians. During the second half of the series, he drastically powered up through these fusions.

His Daimao era, when he pushed the limits of evil. His youth was restored through the dragonballs, but he was defeated by Goku.

Piccolo was reborn from the egg that Daimao left behind when he was on the verge of death. Despite just being born, he remembers all of Daimao's memories and techniques.

Vol. 14 / Chp. 161Just as Daimao birthed the demonic beings, he spits his child out of his mouth.

In the three years from his birth until the Tenkaichi Budoukai, he trained vowing to defeat Goku. He levels up many times greater than Daimao, and also creates some new techniques.

Vol. 16 / Chp. 186Even after becoming gigantic, his speed doesn't decrease. He also has the ability to become even more gigantic.

After training at Kaio-sama's, he assimilates with the dying Nail on Planet Namek. He obtained enough power to fight evenly with second-form Freeza.

Vol. 25 / Chp. 295Finding the heavily injured Nail, Piccolo is encouraged to assimilate with him.

In order to oppose Cell, Kami-sama and Piccolo returned to being a single Namekian. His appearance hasn't changed from Piccolo, but he has achieved a super power-up.

Vol. 30 / Chp. 360Fearing the monster Cell, Kami-sama fuses with Piccolo.

He becomes strong in order to defeat Son Goku.
Vegeta originally came to Earth seeking the dragonballs. He is very proud, perhaps because he was the prince of Planet Vegeta, and he burns with an abnormal rivalry toward Goku after Goku became stronger than him. With the objective of winning against Goku in battle, Vegeta grew through the harsh training he underwent for that goal.

During this period he worked as one of Freeza's underlings and invaded numerous planets. As he battled Goku and Freeza's men, he rapidly powered up due to the Saiyans' special characteristics.

Vol. 17 / Chp. 204Hearing Piccolo and Raditz's conversation, they head towards Earth in order to gain eternal life and youth from the dragonballs.
Vol. 20 / Chp. 232~233Creating a moon on his own, he transforms into an Oozaru while retaining his own mind.

Returning from Planet Namek, he ended up living at Bulma's house. Vowing to defeat Goku, he trains in a gravity room developed by Dr. Brief.

Vol. 28 / Chp. 329Staying at Bulma's house, he even adapts to life on Earth.

As he trained to defeat the Artificial Humans, he finally acquired the ability to become Super Saiyan. However, he was completely unable to scratch Artificial Humans No. 17 and No. 18.

Vol. 29 / Chp. 343Through anger at his own limits, he became a Super Saiyan.

A Super Saiyan state he attained while training with Trunks in the Room of Spirit and Time. He posses power greater than Cell had after absorbing No. 17, and an uneven battle unfolded between them.

Vol. 32 / Chp. 375They looked for an even higher grade that surpassed Super Saiyan.

Vegeta knew that Goku was stronger than him, but through Babidi's magic he reached this powered up form. His battle power is enough to match Goku's Super Saiyan 2 form.

Vol. 38 / Chp. 456Willingly being manipulated by Babidi, he obtains power.

She changes from a spirited girl to a grown-up woman, and then into a gentle mother.
As the only daughter of Dr. Brief, the founder of Capsule Corporation, Bulma is a girl genius who understands everything about machines. Though she can't directly participate in battle like Goku can, she usually watches out for everyone from the shadows. In the middle of all that, she grew from going on adventures during her girlhood, to falling in love and having a child, to becoming a single mother.


Bulma when she first met Goku. Wanting to wish for a nice boyfriend, she was gathering the dragonballs.


Bulma at the 23rd Tenkaichi Budoukai. She has fully become a woman, and even wears makeup.

By the time the Saiyans came to Earth, she already gave off an adult ambience. She conducted research and other things at Capsule Corporation.

Vol. 18 / Chp. 209A genius when it comes to machines, she even remodels a Saiyan machine.

On Planet Namek, she faced many dangerous times thanks to Freeza and his men. With the spaceship broken, she spent the whole time hiding in caves and rock crevasses.

Vol. 21 / Chp. 244In these lines you can see that she has the self-confidence to describe herself as enticing.


Breaking up with Yamcha, she gives birth to Vegeta's child and becomes a mother. Even so, her personality remains completely unchanged, and she continues to be brimming with curiosity.


She now tinkers with machines a lot, perhaps because she is more caught up in work now that Trunks has gotten bigger.


She gives birth to her second child, Bra. Having gotten older, she can now be called an old lady. Her personality is as severe as always.


Living in a different future, this Bulma is the mother of adult Trunks. She develops the time machine and sends Trunks into the past. With Vegeta being dead, she does her best to raise her son on her own.


Chp. 001
Search for the Dragonballs arc
Chp. 004
Search for the Dragonballs arc
Chp. 006
Search for the Dragonballs arc
Chp. 016
Search for the Dragonballs arc
Chp. 035
21st Tenkaichi Budoukai arc

Chp. 069
Red Ribbon
Army arc
Chp. 113
22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai arc
Chp. 197
Saiyan arc
Chp. 242
Saiyan arc
Chp. 243
Saiyan arc

Chp. 245
Saiyan arc
Chp. 329
Freeza arc
Chp. 333
Freeza arc
Chp. 347
Artificial Humans arc
Chp. 426
High School arc

Participating in numerous battles, he becomes a strongest-class Earthling.
He was admitted as a pupil of Kame-sennin, and before that he trained at the Oorin Temple. Though he originally just wanted to be popular with girls, as he underwent the Kame-sen School training, the fighting potential that he naturally possessed began to appear. He goes through many things with Goku, and from the experience he gets from dangerous battles he learns a lot and grows enormously.

BOYHOOD / VOL. 03~14

Capable of basic fighting due to his training at Oorin Temple, Krillin grows in bursts during his Kame-sen School training. He even easily passes through the preliminaries of the Tenkaichi Budoukai.


Leaving Kame-sennin's place, Krillin becomes a traveling warrior. On Planet Namek, he has his dormant power drawn out by Saichourou.

After the battle with Cell, he peacefully lives with No. 18 at Kame House. Even having a daughter now, he has thoroughly distanced himself from battle.

Vol. 36 / Chp. 426No longer training, his hair has grown out.
Vol. 42 / Chp. 518Krillin, ten years after the battle with Majin Buu. His hair has started to go white.

The Master of Rouga Fuu-Fuu Ken transforms from a bandit into a martial artist.
A bandit that met Bulma when she was searching for the dragonballs. At first he followed her because he wanted the dragonballs, but as they went through things together they became friends. After giving up banditry he began to live as a martial artist, training under Kame-sennin and Kami-sama.


Using his original kenpou style, Rouga Fuu-Fuu Ken, he robbed travelers and the like. Falling in love with Bulma, he stays with her in West City.


After fighting at Uranai Baba's arena, he is accepted as a pupil of Kame-sennin. Rather than his self-taught style, he is built up again from the basics of martial arts.

Inspired by Goku training at Kami-sama's palace, Yamcha leaves Bulma behind and sets out to be a traveling warrior. Powering up his ki, he acquires many new techniques.

Vol. 18 / Chp. 214
Vol. 29 / Chp. 338Yamcha's hairstyle changed often.

Having fallen too far behind Goku and the others, as well as their enemies, Yamcha stops participating in battles. He still lives in West City with Puar.

Vol. 42 / Chp. 518His appearance ten years after the battle with Majin Buu. He hasn't aged too much.

A comical old man who secretly carries enormous power.
Long ago, Kame-sennin made his name famous as a martial artist. Because he has lived many centuries and is now an old man, he doesn't grow a noticeable amount. However, he changes his appearance and appears numerous times throughout the story. Though he could be called elderly, his strength hasn't completely left him, and he is skillful enough to catch a gun's bullets in his hands.

Muten Roshi is Kame-sennin's true name. Long ago, his master was Mutaito, who sealed Piccolo Daimao, and he underwent numerous training.

When he fires a Kamehameha with all his might, Kame-sennin's body bulges out and becomes huge. He draws out all of the energy from throughout his body.

Vol. 02 / Chp. 014The effect of his full-power Kamehameha is tremendous!! It wipes out even a mountain.

His disguised form for when he enters the Tenkaichi Budoukai unbeknownst to Goku and the others. His objective was to disguise his identity and defeat his pupils so that they wouldn't become conceited with their own strength.

Vol. 05 / Chp. 051Being the same person as Muten Roshi, he likewise can reach full-power.


Having lived for many centuries, in ten years time Kame-sennin didn't change very much. Changing his sunglasses from round ones to narrow square ones, he increases his virility.

A lofty martial artist who aims for distant heights.
As a pupil of Tsuru-sennin, Tenshinhan aimed to be the greatest assassin in the world, but shaken by Kame-sennin's words in the end he followed his own road. Usually not interacting with his allies, he continues his journey of training with just Chaozu and rushes to the scene whenever anything happens.

Trained by Tsuru-sennin, he aimed to be an assassin like Tao Pai Pai. He possesses many types of techniques, and his speed is especially prominent.

After the battle with Piccolo Daimao had ended, he began to live the life of a traveling warrior along with Chaozu. On a plot of land deep in the mountains, the two of them immerse themselves in training.

Vol. 31 / Chp. 373His techniques powered up as well.
Vol. 41 / Chp. 501Even during the battle with Buu, he gallantly appears. He saves Dende.

A small psychic that immerses himself in training along with Tenshinhan.
Like Tenshinhan, he was a pupil of Tsuru-sennin and trained to be an assassin. After the 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai, together with Tenshinhan he sets off as a wandering warrior. Unlike the other warriors, during battle he uses his psychic powers rather than kenpou to defeat his enemies.

In addition to having psychic powers that allow him to float in the air and stop his opponent's movement, he can easily use Tao Pai Pai's Dodonpa. However, his weakness is mathematics.

Together with Tenshinhan, Chaozu set out as a traveling warrior. He continued to train as he passed through different places. With a bigger size and physique than he had as a pupil of Tsuru-sennin, you can see traces of growth.

Vol. 42 / Chp. 517It seems that he trains often in northern provinces, and in the mountains he wears heavy clothing.

A cute girl who marries and suddenly changes into an education mama!!
Chi Chi is the only daughter of Gyuumao and a stereotypical little princess. She gets Goku to fulfill the promise he made to marry her, which came about due to Goku's ignorance of the world. After marrying Goku and giving birth to Gohan, she completely changes into an education mama who excessively drills her son to study.

Still very young, she is intensely shy. Riding with Goku on the Kinto-Un on the way to Kame House, through an accident she decided in her heart to marry Goku.

Due to her father being Gyuumao, her ability at hand-to-hand combat is good. With a fighting style based on the Kame-sen School, her power is such that she easily breaks through the preliminaries of the Tenkaichi Budoukai.

Vol. 15 / Chp. 171Her techniques surprise even Goku.

Upon marrying Goku and giving birth to Gohan, she immediately exhibits the signs of an education mama. She sends 4 year old Gohan to cram school, and has him due homework no matter where he goes.

Vol. 28 / Chp. 336Studying is more important than the world.
Vol. 42 / Chp. 518Another ten years, and she's already a grandmother.

From a terrifying emperor to a gentle grandfather.
Gyuumao, who guarded his castle's treasure, was such a roughneck that he was even mentioned in textbooks. However, after losing his castle and mountain, he reformed and lived peacefully with Chi Chi.


Killing those who came to Mt. Frypan aiming for his treasure, Gyuumao was highly notorious. After losing his castle, he settled down.

After the birth of his grandson Gohan, in contrast to Chi Chi he became much gentler. An understanding grandfather, he genially watches over his entire family.

Vol. 21 / Chp. 245A gentle grandfather who watches over his grandson.
Vol. 42 / Chp. 517Even after the passing of many months and years, he doesn't change too much.

The world champion at hand-to-hand combat is also the world's greatest show-off?!
Satan was the only normal human among those who participated in the Cell Games. As the hand-to-hand combat champion of the world, he has skill, but it is obvious that Goku and the others are on an entirely different level. During the battle with Majin Buu, he had an active and important role, and showed himself to be a true savior.


The world champion at hand-to-hand combat among his fellow humans. Because on top of being an attention-seeker he is also overconfident, he severely misunderstands things. He is done in by Cell in a single strike.

After Cell died, Satan became a hero and won the Tenkaichi Budoukai. Now he has the prosperous life of a hero who saved the Earth.

Vol. 42 / Chp. 518Their son and daughter married and now they are related.
Vol. 42 / Chp. 518His appearance ten years later.

Satan's daughter surpasses him.
Videl is Satan's daughter and a master at hand-to-hand combat. Her sense of justice is strong, and she collaborates with the police in apprehending criminals. Ten years later she has married Gohan and devotes herself to being a mother.

Though she's Satan's daughter, she is a hard worker, completely the opposite of her father. Learning Bukujutsu from the exchange student Gohan, she masters it with astounding speed.

Vol. 36 / Chp. 428She cut her hair due to Gohan's blunt advice.
Vol. 37/ Chp. 440At the Tenkaichi Budoukai she fought at a level beyond what you'd think a girl would be capable of.

Ten years later she has married Gohan and given birth to a single daughter, Pan. Her forceful presence has disappeared, and she has become a gentle and cheerful mother.

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Tenshinhan's tecniques explained in the Daizenshuu

Kamehameha [kamehameha]

1-Deflection [~hanekaeshi]
2-Kiai Extinguisher [kiai keshi]
3-Ki Blast [kikouha]
Kikoho [kikouhou=”Ki Manipulation Cannon”]

4-Shin~ [shin~; lt. “new”]
5-Beam Eyes [kousengan]
6-Shishin no Ken [shishin no ken; lt. “Four-Body Fist”]
7-Shiyouken [shiyou ken; lt. “Four-Arm Fist”]
8-Taiyo-ken [taiyou ken; lt. “Fist of the Sun”]
9-Dodonpa [dodon pa]
10-Haikyuuken [haikyuu ken; lt. “Volleyball Fist”]
11-Bukujutsu [bukuu jutsu]
12-Machinegun Thrust [mashingan-zuki]
13-Mafuuba [Mafuuba; lt. “Demon Seal Wave”]

Shishin no Ken [Fist of Four Bodies]

First Appearance: Chapter 178
Category: combo
People: Tenshinhan
Special Characteristics: A technique that Tenshinhan used during his fight with Goku at the 23rd Tenkaichi Budoukai. Using the body-splitting abilities that are characteristic of the Three-Eyed People, he lunges into a combo attack. He surrounds his opponent on four sides and fires ki blasts from his hands. Then, when his opponent jumps into the air to avoid the ki blasts, he fires a strange beam from his eyes. However, its weakness is that because he divided his power between four people, his attack power, defense power, and all the rest become 1/4th their usual. (Daizenshuu 2, p.208/Daizenshuu 4, p.69, p.115)

2-Shiyouken [Fist of Four Arms]
First Appearance: Chapter 132
Category: special
People: Tenshinhan
Special Characteristics: A unique attack technique where he forms protuberances from his shoulder blades, which he then changes into arms. Tenshinhan is the only one capable of using this technique, which is largely related to the abilities he was born with. In short, like the Shishin no Ken, this is also a technique that takes advantage of the special abilities of his ancestors, the Three-Eyed People. Tenshinhan used this technique during his fight with Goku during the 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai. Unleashing an opening-free attack with his four arms, Goku wasn’t able to seize the opportunity to counterattack. (Daizenshuu 2, p.206/Daizenshuu 4, p.114)

First Appearance: Chapter 226
Category: ki manipulation
People: Son Goku
Special Characteristics: A technique that instantly amplifies the ki inside one’s body, multiplying all that person’s abilities, including power, speed, defense, etc. Since it makes one capable of utilizing battle power many times their own ability, it is extraordinarily effective during battles with formidable opponents. However, because it is impossible to multiply excessively far beyond one’s abilities, experimenting with an unreasonably high Kaio-Ken might destroy one’s own body. When the user’s battle power is 8,000, their limit is x2, and when they are at 3 million the limit is x10. However, since real battles are harsh, Goku often had to use Kaio-Ken above those limits. The Kaio-Ken’s designer is the North Kaio, but Goku was the first person to be able to master it. (Daizenshuu 2, p.212/ Daizenshuu 4, p.113)

3-Kiai Extinguisher
First Appearance: Chapter 170
Category: ki manipulation
People: Tenshinhan, Son Goku
Special Characteristics: A technique where you extinguish a ki manipulation-type attack merely by firing a kiai. Tenshinhan instantly extinguished the Super Dodon-pa that Tao Pai Pai fired at the 23rd Tenkaichi Budoukai, and Goku did the same to Nappa’s ki blast.

4-Kikoho [Ki Manipulation Cannon]
First Appearance: Chapter 133
Category: ki manipulation
People: Tenshinhan
Special Characteristics: The secret weapon of the Tsuru-sen School. It concentrates a kiai into one point, then releases it in a single burst. Its main difference between ki blast-type techniques is that its trajectory cannot be seen. Its destructive power is formidable enough to instantly obliterate the Tenkaichi Budoukai arena. Indeed, it is characteristic of the techniques from the Tsuru-sen School, whose objective is to mercilessly kill people. Because this technique heavily uses up one’s internal energy, it can only be used to decide the match in a single shot. (Daizenshuu 2, p.206/Daizenshuu 4, p.111)

5- Shin~ [New~]
First Appearance: Chapter 373
People: Tenshinhan
Special Characteristics: A technique that increases the force of the Kikoho. An attack that becomes possible when one has improved their abilities through intense training. Tenshinhan fired this technique to stop Cell from moving when Cell was trying to absorb No.18, but he used up all of his power and collapsed. (Daizenshuu 4, p.112)

6- Kamehameha
First Appearance: Chapter 14
Category: ki manipulation
People: Kame-sennin, Son Goku, Son Gohan, Yamcha, Jacky Chun, Krillin, Son Gohan (grandpa), Tenshinhan, Cell, Majin Buu (good, evil, pure)
Special Characteristics: A ki manipulation technique thought up by Kame-sennin. It is a technique that condenses ki into one point and then fires it. The technique’s force changes based on the strength of its user’s ki, and if mastered it also becomes possible to control its force. Son Goku soon picked up this technique, perhaps because of his ki training with Son Gohan (grandpa), or perhaps due to his special characteristics as a Saiya-jin. Tenshinhan also easily copied it. From this, it can be said that it is possible to use the Kamehameha merely by being able to control one’s ki. (Daizenshuu 2, p.202/Daizenshuu 4, p.111)
Anime: The first person to use it in the movies is Kame-sennin in “The Legend of Shenron”. Goku picked it up after seeing Kame-sennin’s technique (Daizenshuu 6, p.16). In “A Dangerous Pair!! Super Warriors Can’t Rest”, Goku, Gohan, and Goten implement a three-person Father-Son Kamehameha. It obliterated the formidable enemy Broli (Daizenshuu 6, p.124). In “The Rebirth of Fusion!! Goku and Vegeta”, a fake Goku that appeared in Janenba’s hand fired one (Daizenshuu 6, p.142).

7- Deflection
First Appearance: Chapter 118
People: Tenshinhan
Special Characteristics: A technique where by judging the timing of a Kamehameha’s approach, he fires a kiai to deflect the Kamehameha back at his opponent. He used this on Yamcha’s Kamehameha during the 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai

8- Kousengan(beam eyes)
First Appearance: Chapter 149
Category: ability
People: Piccolo Daimao, Piccolo, Tenshinhan, Freeza,
Special Characteristics: They attack their opponents by firing a destructive beam from both eyes with a sharp glance. Its force is in proportion to the user’s power. It’s an attack that takes advantage of innate abilities.

9- Taiyou-Ken [Fist of the Sun]
First Appearance: Chapter 124
Category: ki manipulation
People: Tenshinhan, Krillin, Son Goku, Cell
Special Characteristics: A Tsuru-sen School technique. Tenshinhan first used it during his fight with Goku at the 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai [he actually first uses it against Jacky Chun]. Gathering ki in his upper body, he converts it to light energy and radiates it out in front of his face. Blinding the opponent’s eyes, this is used when retreating from battle. The amount of light is connected to the strength of the person’s ki, and the light source will become stronger the more ki the user has. The first person from outside the Tsuru-sen School to use this technique was Goku. (Daizenshuu 4, p.113)

10- Dodonpa
First Appearance: Chapter 86
Category: ki manipulation
People: Tao Pai Pai, Chaozu, Tenshinhan
Special Characteristics: A Tsuru-sen School assassination secret weapon thought up by Tsuru-sennin. Concentrating ki in their fingertips, with a cry of “Dodon-pa!!”, they fire a thin, sharp, arrow-like ki at the opponent, inflicting damage. In order to be certain to kill the opponent in one hit, it is fired to aim at vital spots such as the heart. However, its attack range isn’t as wide as the Kamehameha, and a person with a high battle rating can stop this technique with the palm of their hands. During their battle in the Karin Holy Land where the dragonballs were, Tao Pai Pai knocked Son Goku out with this technique. (Daizenshuu 2, p.205)

11- Haikyuu-Ken [Volleyball Fist]
First Appearance: Chapter 129
Category: physical martial arts
People: Tenshinhan
Special Characteristics: A technique held in reserve to finish off opponents that have taken a fair amount of damage. True to its name’s origin [“Volleyball Fist”], he commences a three stage attack that imitates volleyball. It’s a fearsome combo attack: tossing his opponent high in the air, just as they come down he punches them for a receive. Next, he hits them with an intense two-fisted strike, knocking them down for a toss. Finally, he does an attack, jumping into the air and hitting the opponent snapshot, knocking them into the ground. He displayed it at the 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai. (Daizenshuu 2, p.206)

12- Bukujutsu
First Appearance: Chapter 119
Category: ki manipulation
People: Krillin, Son Goku, Son Gohan, Son Goten, Chaozu, Tenshinhan, Videl, others
Special Characteristics: As a unique technique of the Tsuru-sen School, it seems that Tsuru-sennin is the one who thought it up. By emitting ki from the entire body, one moves as if fluttering through the air. It’s a basic ki manipulation technique, on par with the ki blast. Like Videl, anyone can do it merely be learning how to use ki. Also, Krillin and Goku learned this technique through self study. The speed the user moves through the air with Bukujutsu is related to their level of skill and the extent of their ki. Those aliens who can fly, such as Piccolo, move through the sky using the same principle as Bukujutsu. Kame-sennin never used this technique, perhaps because he had Kinto-un and Baby Gamera. (Daizenshuu 4, p.113)

13- Mashingan-zuki(Machinegun Thrust)
First Appearance: Chapter 128
Category: physical martial arts
People: Tenshinhan
Special Characteristics: A technique where he unleashes a stream of jabs, similar to how a machinegun fires bullets. Those attacked are not given any time to defend themselves. During the finals of the 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai, he drove Goku into a nasty predicament.

14- Mafuuba [Demon Seal Wave]
First Appearance: Chapter 135
Category: special
People: Kami, Kame-sennin, Tenshinhan, Mutaito
Special Characteristics: A secret art which Kame-sennin’s master, Mutaito, devised in order to seal up Piccolo Daimao, the incarnation of evil. Firing all one’s life energy from the palm of your hands, this creates a violent, spiraling wind which draws in the opponent, sealing them like this into an airtight container affixed with magic charms. A normal person will perish when they use this secret art. Kame-sennin fired it at the revived Piccolo Daimao in exchange for his own life, but it ultimately failed. (Daizenshuu 2, p.207/Daizenshuu 4, p.113)

Credit goes to herms

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Dragon ball Z/Akira Toriyama's battle power definition and FAQ

Toriyama's answer about battle powers in an interview!!!!

What’s the secret of winning in battle?

Akira Toriyama:"When it comes to battle, the most important thing is KI SIZE, and its control. Of course, “ki” also includes such spiritual power as energy/vigor [genki] and bravery [yuuki], and being in one’s right mind [shouki] (note 11). There’s a limit to physical strength, no matter how much you toughen it up, and the only way to overcome that it is with “ki”. I think that it was through turning ki into formidable power that Goku drew closer to being the strongest warrior in the universe"

If it doesn't come from Tenshinhan's ki, then where does it come from? There is no external source for any of these ki attacks
The fact is, Kikouhou is focusing your ki directly into your hands, and releasing it. To use all of your ki would kill you (as seen in the Nappa battle), but Tenshinhan is able to control it so that he doesn't use up 100%, especially come Shinkikouhou. That's why it's dangerous because of its power; "its power" is caused by the fact that it uses up a great deal of ki, and your ki is your spirit force/etc.
Kamehameha is not shown to be capable of using up such large fractions of the user's ki, and thusly does not do as much proportional damage.
It is entirely feasible that one of his Kikouhou could be more powerful than a single attack from Piccolo or Gokuu, because neither of them possess techniques that can use such a high percentage of their power at once.

Goku had already taken out his weight clothing by that point, and, as shown in the battle against Radtiz, besides special moves, that's the only thing which change DB Goku power level
Besides everything else, there's the simple fact that the Kikoho is only powerful because most of Tenshinhan's ki is used to fuel it. However, The kikoho that Tenshinhan used against Buu didn't make Tenshihan die[VS Nappa], fall uncouncious[VS Cell], or even get tired[VS Budokai Arena... er... Goku].

Tenshinhan IN THE MANGA ABOUT GOKU FIGHTING FREEZA AND THE USE OF KAIÔKEN: "At his level of training, he should be able to multiply his power up to a factor of 10!"

Tenshinhan sees Goku's max without straining himself to be a factor of 10, and again reiterates that the Kaio-ken still multiplies by folds.

Goku: "I...I could try a Kaio-ken increase to 20 times...but I don't know if my body can handle it..."
As goku got stronger he could multiply his own power more.
Goku at 8,000 could only do 4x at best
Goku at around 3 millions could do 20x
Yet you couldn't possibly think goku at around 100,000 could do 20x or in Tenshinhan's case 10,000x.

So the stronger you have Tenshinhan, the more the neo kikoho multiplier makes sense.

Tenshinhan saying he is going to use KaiôKen's techniques isn't good enough?
He has to both say he's going to use them. Then mention it 10 other times. Then yell Kaioken when he uses the attack. Then explain to Cell that the Neo Kikoho uses Kaioken-esk skills. Then write "I'm using King Kai's fucking Techniques' all over his muscular body, before some biased fanboys admit it?
The Neo Kikoho has no psychic energy in it. The name meaning itself has no mentioning of granting the user power to push or hold back foes 10,000x stronger than yourself. It's a pure destructive power force that's all coming from Tenshinhan.

And actually the kikoho can be used as proof of something. For Tenshinhan to be as weak as some of you biased retards put him, maybe even weaker than captain He shouldn't be able to output 10,000x his strength 10 times in a row at all and make semi-perfect cell drool in an inescapable pit.
I couldn't even deal with Tenshinhan pulling off a lucky one tri-beam without going boom...but around ten times each over 10,000x his normal power??! loooool

If you use the theory of life force (which is denied by the manga)... Then shouldn't self destructing also amp you're attack around 10,000x you're natural strength?
For Tenshin to be under 1,000,000 and expel an attack 10,000x his strength 10 times is far more unbelievable than thinking Tenshinhan was indeed much over a million just training on earth under Sensei Kaiô training methods for 3 years.

Toriyama disregards fanboyism over what his plot is calls for. You can clearly see this by how humans can be over 3 times more powerful in under a year when training in urgency in the saiyan saga. How is it not more believable that humans can gain this growth when training in urgency for 3 years? Thinking humans are bound by this "human wall" really is a dumb assumption. Humans have broken this wall as early as dragon ball times. They shouldn't even be called human anymore. More like super human. So comparing their growth to at least half what a saiyan's growth gain would be (without zenkai) isn't wrong at all.

Agree that Tenshinhan shouldn't be "logically" be anywhere in the millions because he's only a human and is not a saiyan nor a namekian warrior. But you guys have to remember ...humans have broken this "human wall" as early as db times. Looking at krillin because he's a human when he first made his appearance in dragonball you'd never think he'd be as strong as he is now. Plus tenshinhan has alien blood making him in a league of his own.

Someone is going to have to give a good explanation how Tenshinhan can do a feat that android 16 couldn't even dream of doing. Being at a power level less than 100,000 as some of you retards put him and using the neo tri-beam to expel an attack 10,000x his normal strength in continuous rains of 10 times without blowing up or dying of fatigue after the first strike, simply isn't possible at all.
Think about it this way. Each energy attack in Dragon Ball uses a proportionally-fixed amount of the user's "ki".

If Goku has 1000 "ki points", then "Kamehameha" allows him to direct 1% of his total "ki", or 10 "ki points"

If Tenshinhan has 100 "ki points", then "Kikoho" allows him to direct 25% of his total "ki", or 25 "ki points"

Goku would still have more energy than Tenshinhan and more physical strength because of his higher "ki rating", but Tenshinhan can direct more energy at once using the "Kikoho".

The power of the Kikoho isn't derived from the users power, rather it multiplies its power and uses the users lifeforce. If it was Ten's own power, that would mean Ten > Artificial Human 16 +Piccolo +#17+#18 etc

Answer:Are you fucking retarded??????????????????????There is no life force involved according to the precious manga.Furthermore,using Toriyama definition of battle power:
When it comes to battle, the most important thing is ki size, and its control. Of course, “ki” also includes such spiritual power as energy/vigor [genki] and bravery [yuuki], and being in one’s right mind [shouki] (note 11). There’s a limit to physical strength, no matter how much you toughen it up, and the only way to overcome that it is with “ki”. I think that it was through turning ki into formidable power that Goku drew closer to being the strongest warrior in the universe.

Kikoho means ki size and control,all these things are represented by Shin Kikoho.loooooool
Where is it stated that the "Kikoho" technique "multiplies" the power of the user? The attack draws energy from the hidden potential (similar to the "Kamehameha") and spiritual force of the user, which would mean that it's -still- using Tenshinhan's own power -- it's just ultimately fatal if overused.
Meaning that Tenshinhan's hidden potential would be at least in the range of a supressed semi-perfect Cell,considering that Shin Kikoho holds Cell in that form.

Original translation from the original japanese manga who proves there isn't life force involved:
Kame Sennin "...The "Chi Cannon"... a move of enormous destructive force... many times more powerful than even a Kamehameha... its power is so colossal, in fact, that the drain on one's own energy is devastating... warriors have been known to die by using it... and even if one survives, one's life is shortened... that evil Tsuru-sen'nin... teaching him a move that should be never taught...

"It's a technique with the potential for incredible destructive energy*... Several times more than even the Kamehameha..."

*Nothing about pushing back the opponent. Hakairyoku is a pretty straightforward word (destructive energy/power). You cannot get the idea that the Kikoho is a mere pusing attack from this text.

Some biased retarded fans forget to mention that it's power comes from Tenshinhan's ki. It is a strong attack, but it's strength comes from his ki. Also, notice that that doesn't mean that Cell Saga Tenshinhan > Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, A-16, A-17, A-18 etc. It means that Tenshinhan can fire ten blasts which are stronger than anything those people can make and fall unconscious.

But remember that it's still his ki, and... points to Nappa's fight... Using the kikoho(which can't be that much worse than the shin kikoho, Goku even calls that new attack only kikoho) with all his ki in one blast Tenshinhan only stops Nappa's movement, and dies. This is a worse result than the one from the blasts against Cell and he used all his ki in one blast, instead of few blasts.
Tenshinhan also doesn't looks tired after using Kikoho to deflect Buutensks energy blast.

And before "Super" Buu kicked Tenshinhan he thought to himself "Hey, normally I just whack people with my full strength since I'm evil, but I'm only going to hit -this- guy lightly doing my hardest to not kill him since he's such an attractive man."lol
However,0,00001 of Super Buutenks power was above a 50%

Tenshinhan also dodges a laser that even base Goku had trouble with, and keeps up with Piccolo(to an extent) who is in the megamillions. Thats proof right there, that Tenshinhan is not /10000th of Piccolo's power. a PL: 50,000 can’t dodge with the same ability as a PL: 10,000,000+
Piccolo flew at top speed to assist Trunks against A-18. Tenshinhan followed, also at top speed with a fuzzy aura. By some retard levels, Piccolo should have reached A-17 before Tenshinhan even left the ground. As it is, Piccolo was about 2-5 times faster at most, probably even less.
Another evident point is that if Gero is 30,000,000 and Yamcha is 2,000,000 then Gero becomes considerably stronger(6.6%) from absorbing him. If Gero is 30,000,000 and Yamcha is 50,000 then Gero becomes fuck(+0.16%) all stronger. Since Gero said that Yamcha is a good source of power, and not a useless and pathetic source of power,it is obvious he would eb in the millions.

Alongside with Piccolo and Tenshinhan Goku said to A-20:
“…We’ll tear you to pieces…” and all of them were in battle stances.

dumb question: Vegeta in SSJ form deflects kikoha blast from Boo. Whats your point?

Answer:So you're implying that the difference between Tenshinhan and "Super" Buu (+ Gotenks and Piccolo) is the same as the difference between Super Saiya-jin Vegeta and a less powerful form of Majin Buu? That would mean that Tenshinhan is ridiculously strong and wouldn't help the position you've advocated thus far, so I'm going to assume you just didn't understand what you were saying.looool
Finally,future base gohan is owning easily young super sayajin Trunks
which means base sayajins were above 150 millions.Get over it fucking retards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!loooooooooooooooool

Concluding, according to Toriyama battle power definition Tenshinhan's battle power was certainly and easily in the mid millions.

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Ages of the characters

Later I'll make a post listing all these birth years that I used to make this.

Piccolo Daimao’s Rampage; Age 461
Kame-sennin: 31
Tsuru-sennin: 31? (presumably about as old as Kame-sennin)
Tao Pai Pai: 2
Uranai Baba: Over 211 (began divining in Age 250)
Piccolo Daimao: 0
Kami-sama: A little over 200 (presumably not very old when the disaster on Namek occurred in 261)
Karin-sama: About 511

Dracula Man: 285
Mummy-kun: 511

Sea Turtle: 698

Destruction of Planet Vegeta; Age 737
Goku: 0
Vegeta: 5
Nappa: 25-34
Raditz: 10-20?
Grandpa Gohan: 79

Bulma, Yamcha, Tenshinhan: 4
Kuririn: 1
Yajirobe: 2

Main Series (DragonBall)
Search for the DragonBalls; Age 749
Goku: 12
Bulma: 16
Sea Turtle: 986 (according to anime)
Kame-sennin: 319
Oolong: 9
Yamcha: 16
Puar: 9
Chi Chi: 12
Toninjinka (Rabbit Gang boss): 51
Pilaf: 34
Shenlong: 279

Vegeta: 17

The 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai and the Red Ribbon Army; Age 750
Goku: 13
Kuririn: 14
Jacky Chun/Kame-sennin: 320
Giran: 33
Ran-Fan: 24
Namu: 29
Yamcha: 17

Bulma: 17
Oolong: 10
Puar: 10

Sno: 10
Murasaki: 35
Blue: 28

Arale Norimaki: 5 (posing as 18-year old)
Senbei Norimaki: 28
Midori Norimaki: 23
Turbo Norimaki: 1
Tsuru-rin Tsun: 20
Tsuku-tsun Tsun: 18
Tarou Soramame: 20
Pisuke Soramame: 18
Akane Kimidori: 18
Oboccha Man: 3 (posing as 18-year old)

Tao Pai Pai: 291
Karin-sama: About 800

Uranai Baba: Over 500
Dracula Man: 574
Mummy-kun: 800
Grandpa Gohan: 92 (but stopped aging when he died)

Pilaf: 35
Shenlong: 280

The 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai and Piccolo Daimao; Age 753
Goku: 16
Kuririn: 17
Yamcha: 20
Jacky Chun/Kame-sennin: 323
Tenshinhan: 20
Chaozu: 15
Man-Wolf: 34
King Chapa: 43

Bulma: 20
Oolong: 13
Puar: 13

Tsuru-sennin: 323?

Pilaf: 38
Piccolo Daimao: 292
King: Over 40? (been reigning for 20 years, presumably not less than 20 when he took throne)
Yajirobe: 18

Karin-sama: Over 800
Mister Popo: Over 1000
Kami-sama: Around 492
Shenlong: 283

The 23rd Tenkaichi Budoukai; Age 756
Goku: 19
Kuririn: 20
Yamcha: 23
Tenshinhan: 23
Chi Chi: 19
Tao Pai Pai: 297
Shen/Kami-sama: 495
Ma Junior: 3

King Chapa: 46
Yajirobe: 21
Chaozu: 18

Bulma: 23
Oolong: 16
Puar: 16
Kame-sennin: 326
Tsuru-sennin: 326?

"Z" Era
Raditz Invades; Age 761
Goku: 24
Gohan: 4
Piccolo: 8
Kuririn: 25
Yamcha: 28

Tenshinhan: 28
Yajirobe: 26
Chaozu: 23

Bulma: 28
Chi Chi: 24
Oolong: 21
Puar: 21
Kame-sennin: 331
Kami-sama: 500

Raditz: 35-45?
Nappa: 49-58
Vegeta: 29

The Battles with Vegeta and Freeza; Age 762
Goku: 25 (physically still 24)
Gohan: 5
Piccolo: 9
Kuririn: 26
Yamcha: 29
Tenshinhan: 29
Yajirobe: 27
Chaozu: 24

Bulma: 29
Chi Chi: 25
Oolong: 22
Puar: 22
Kame-sennin: 332
Kami-sama: 501
Shenlong: 292

Nappa: 50-59
Vegeta: 30

Saichourou: Over 500

Garlick Jr Returns; Age 763
Gohan: 6
Sea Turtle: 1000

Trunks Appears; Age 764
Goku: 27 (physically 26)
Gohan: 7
Vegeta: 32
Piccolo: 11

Kuririn: 28
Yamcha: 31
Tenshinhan: 31
Yajirobe: 29
Chaozu: 26

Bulma: 31
Chi Chi: 27
Oolong: 24
Puar: 24
Kame-sennin: 334
Kami-sama: 503
Shenlong: 294

Trunks: 17

The Androids and Cell Games; Age 767
Goku: 30; physically 29 at first, but physically 30 after training in the Room of Spirit and Time
Gohan: 10; physically 11 at the Cell Games
Vegeta: 35; physically 36 when Cell reaches his perfect form, and 37 at the Cell Games
Trunks (future): 19; physically 20 when Cell reaches his perfect form, and 21 at the Cell Games
Piccolo: 14; physically 15 at the Cell Games

Kuririn: 31
Yamcha: 34
Tenshinhan: 34
Yajirobe: 32
Chaozu: 29

Bulma: 34
Chi Chi: 30
Trunks (present): 1
Oolong: 27
Puar: 27
Kame-sennin: 337

Kami-sama: 506
Shenlong: 297

Mister Satan: 31

Cell: 6 (30, counting years in development)

The 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai and Majin Buu; Age 774
Goku: 37 (physically 30)
Gohan: 17 (physically 18)
Vegeta: 42 (physically 44)
Trunks (present): 8
Goten: 7

Mister Satan: 38
Videl: 17 or 18
Erasa: 18
Sharpna: 18

Idasa: 15
Ikose: 14

Piccolo: 21 (physically 22)
Kuririn: 38
Yamcha: 41
Tenshinhan: 41
Yajirobe: 39
Chaozu: 36

Bulma: 41
Chi Chi: 37
Oolong: 34
Puar: 34
Marron: 3
Kame-sennin: 344
Shenlong: 304
Sno: 34

East Kaioshin: Over 5 million
Kibito: Over 5 million
Elder Kaioshin: Over 75 million

Babidi: Over 5 million
Dabra: Over 300 years (probably far older)
Majin Buu: 5 million

Tarble Comes to Earth; Age 776
Goku: 39 (physically 32)
Gohan: 19 (physically 20)
Vegeta: 44 (physically 46)
Trunks (present): 10
Goten: 9

Videl: 19 or 20
Mister Satan: 40
Mister Buu: 5 million

Piccolo: 23 (physically 24)
Kuririn: 40
Yamcha: 43
Tenshinhan: 43
Yajirobe: 41
Chaozu: 38

Bulma: 43
Chi Chi: 39
Oolong: 36
Puar: 36
Marron: 5
Kame-sennin: 346

East Kaioshin: Over 5 million
Elder Kaioshin: Over 75 million

Tarble: 39? (he can't be any younger than Goku...)

The 28th Tenkaichi Budoukai; Age 784
Goku: 47 (physically 40)
Gohan: 27 (physically 28)
Vegeta: 52 (physically 54)
Trunks (present): 18
Goten: 17

Videl: 27 or 28
Mister Satan: 48
Mister Buu: 5 million

Piccolo: 31 (physically 32)
Kuririn: 48
Yamcha: 51
Tenshinhan: 51
Yajirobe: 49
Chaozu: 46

Bulma: 51
Chi Chi: 47
Oolong: 44
Puar: 44
Marron: 13
Kame-sennin: 354

Pan: 5
Bra: 4 or 6
Uub: 10

Future Trunks’ Timeline
The Androids Kill Everyone; Age 767
Gohan: 10
Trunks: 1
Bulma: 34

Gohan Dies; Age 780
Gohan: 23
Trunks: 14
Bulma: 47

The Time Machine is Completed; Age 783
Trunks: 17
Bulma: 50

Trunks Defeats the Androids; Age 785
Trunks: 19 (physically 21)
Bulma: 52

Trunks defeats Cell; Age 788
Trunks: 22 (physically 24)
Bulma: 55
Cell: 2 (26 counting years in development)

The Search for the Ultimate DragonBalls and the Battle with Baby; Age 789
Goku: 52 (physically 45); reduced to physically 12 or so
Gohan: 32 (physically 33)
Vegeta: 57 (physically 59)
Trunks (present): 23
Goten: 22

Videl: 32 or 33
Mister Satan: 53
Mister Buu: 5 million

Piccolo: 36 (physically 37)
Kuririn: 53
Yamcha: 56
Tenshinhan: 56
Yajirobe: 54
Chaozu: 51

Bulma: 56
Chi Chi: 52
Oolong: 49
Puar: 49
Marron: 18
Kame-sennin: 359

Pan: 10
Bra: 9 or 11
Uub: 15

East Kaioshin: Over 5 million
Elder Kaioshin: Over 75 million

Pilaf: 74
Namu: 68

Doctor Mu: 49
Baby: 59-69

The Battle with Super No.17 and the Evil Dragons; Age 790
Goku: 53 (physically 13 or so)
Gohan: 33 (physically 34)
Vegeta: 58 (physically 60)
Trunks (present): 24
Goten: 23

Videl: 33 or 34
Mister Satan: 54
Mister Buu: 5 million

Piccolo: 37 (physically 38)
Kuririn: 54
Yamcha: 57
Tenshinhan: 57
Yajirobe: 55
Chaozu: 52

Bulma: 57
Chi Chi: 53
Oolong: 50
Puar: 50
Marron: 19
Kame-sennin: 360

Pan: 11
Bra: 10 or 12
Uub: 16

East Kaioshin: Over 5 million
Elder Kaioshin: Over 75 million

Yi Xing Long (1-Star Dragon): 28
Liang Xing Long (2-Star Dragon): 40
San Xing Long (3-Star Dragon): 16
Si Xing Long (4-Star Dragon): 37
Wu Xing Long (5-Star Dragon): 28
Liu Xing Long (6-Star Dragon): 41
Qi Xing Long (7-Star Dragon): 16

100 Years Later; Age 890
Pan: 111
Goku Jr: ?
Goku: 153; physically who knows?

Credit herms

Elder Kaioshin: Sealed away about 75 million ago according to Daizenshuu 7, so must be even older
Majin Buu, East Kaioshin, Kibito, Babidi: According to Daizenshuu 7, Buu was created about 5 million years ago, so that’s how old he is. East Kaioshin, Kibito, and Babidi were all around back then, so they’re even older.

Sea Turtle: According to the Garlic Jr. filler arc he’s a thousand years old in Age 763, so he’d be born in 237 Before Age.
Mummy-kun: 50 Before Age (Daiz 7)
Karin: He tells Goku that he’s about 800 when they first meet.
Dracula Man: Age 176 (Daiz 7)
Uranai Baba: Daiz 7’s timeline says she began divining in Age 250, so she must be older
Kami-sama: The disaster on Planet Namek that he escaped from is said to be 500 years ago in the series (Age 261 in the Daiz 7 timeline), so he must be older than that, but not that much older, since he was a child at the time.
Kame-sennin: Age 430 (Daiz 7, SEG)
Tsuru-sennin: I guess he’s as old Kame-sennin (they were both young when Daimao was sealed away), so around Age 430
Tao Pai Pai: Age 459 (Daiz 7)

Piccolo Daimao: Age 461 (Daiz 7). I guess mentally he’d be as old as Kami.

Shenlong: Created in Age 470 (Daiz 7)
Grandpa Gohan: Age 658 (Daiz 7)

Toninjinka: Age 698 (Daiz 7)
King Chapa: Age 710 (Daiz 7)

Nappa: Daizenshuu 7 says that he was in his fifties when he died (in Age 762), so that means he was born in Age 703-712
Pilaf: Age 715 (Daiz 7)
Murasaki: Age 715 (Daiz 7)
Giran: Age 717 (Daiz 7)
Man-Wolf: Age 719 (Daiz 7)

Baby: The GT Perfect Files say he was created between Age 720-730
Namu: Age 721 (Daiz 7)
Senbei: Age 722 (Daiz 7)
Blue: Age 722 (Daiz 7)
Ran-Fan: Age 726 (Daiz 7)
Midori: Age 727 (Daiz 7)
Tsuru-rin Tsun: Age 730 (Daiz 7)
Tarou Soramame: Age 730 (Daiz 7)

Vegeta: Age 732 (Daiz 7, SEG)
Tsuku-tsun Tsun: Age 732 (Daiz 7)
Pisuke Soramame: Age 732 (Daiz 7)
Akane Kimidori: Age 732 (Daiz 7)
Bulma: Age 733 (Daiz 7, SEG); flat-out said to be 16 at the start of the series.
Yamcha: Age 733 (Daiz 7, SEG)
Tenshinhan: Age 733 (Daiz 7, SEG)

King: Enthroned in 733 according to the anime and Daiz 7, so he must be much older.

Yajirobe: Age 735 (SEG)
Kuririn: Age 736 (Daiz 7, SEG)
Mister Satan: Age 736 (SEG)

Son Goku: Age 737 (Daiz 7, SEG)
Chi Chi: Age 737 (Daiz 7, SEG)
Chaozu: Age 738 (SEG)

Oolong: Age 740 (Daiz 7)
Puar: Age 740 (Daiz 7)
Sno: Age 740 (Daiz 7)

Doctor Mu: According to the GT Perfect Files he was created by Baby in Age 740

Arale: Created in Age 745 (Daiz 7). At the time, Senbei passed her off as a 13-year old.
Pigero: Said to be 15 when he meets Gohan in Age 761, so he’d be born in Age 746

Oboccha Mach: Created in Age 747 (Daiz 7). Poses as the same age as Arale, making him supposedly 15 at the time (neither of them look anywhere close to 15 of course).

Turbo Norimaki: Age 749 (Daiz 7)

Piccolo: Age 753 (series, Daiz 7, SEG). Probably mentally older.

Videl: Age 756 (Daiz 7), Age 757 (SEG)
Sharpa: Age 756 (Daiz 7)
Erasa: Age 756 (Daiz 7)
Gohan: Age 757 (series, Daiz 7, SEG)

Idasa: Age 759 (series, Daiz 7)
Ikose: Age 760 (series, Daiz 7)

Trunks: Age 766 (series, Daiz 7)
Goten: Age 767 (series, Daiz 7)

Cell: Daiz 7 says his development began in 762 and he was born in 786.

Marron: Age 771 (Daiz 7)
Uub: Age 774 (series, Daiz 7)

Pan: Age 779 (Daiz 7)
Bra: Age 778 (her Daiz 7 bio) or Age 780 (Daiz 7 timeline, GT Perfect Files)

Yi Xing Long: “Born” when the dragonballs were used to revive those killed by Freeza and his men in Age 762 (GT Perfect Files)
Liang Xing Long: “Born” when the dragonballs were used to revive Bora in Age 750 (series)
San Xing Long: “Born” when the dragonballs were used to erase peoples’ memories of Majin Buu in Age 774 (GT Perfect Files)
Si Xing Long: “Born” when the dragonballs were used to restore Piccolo Daimao’s youth in Age 753 (series)
Wu Xing Long: “Born” when the dragonballs were used to restore Goku to life in Age 762 (series)
Liu Xing Long: “Born” when the dragonballs were used to get a pair of panties in Age 749 (series)
Qi Xing Long: “Born” when the dragonballs were used to revive those Vegeta killed at the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai in Age 774.